Passing My Learners License
Learners License

When you apply for a learners license you will be given a booking receipt with the time and date for your learners test, it is recommended that you purchase a K53 manual and start studying immediately.

The test takes one hour and is multiple choice, you will be tested in three areas; the rules of the road, road traffic signs and vehicle controls. At the time of booking your k53 learners license test, enquire whether the testing centre conduct written or computer tests, so that you are well prepared.

Rules of the Road

The rules of the road must be respected as they ensure the smooth flow of traffic, you can expect to be questioned on the following:
● which side of the road you drive on (the left hand side of the road)
● when it is safe and legal overtake
● who has right of way at intersections and traffic circles
● driving signals
● speed limits
● parking a vehicle

This section of the test usually has 30 questions, 22 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass.

Road Signs, Signals and Markings

Road signs, traffic signals and road surface markings provide information to road users, they warn of hazardous conditions ahead and give directions of routes and destinations.

These will be:
● painted on the road surface
● signals given by lights or people
● mounted on a pole on the side of the road
● mounted on an overhead structure

● Regulatory signs – these are, for example a stop, speed limit, yield sign or traffic lights
● Warning signs – any hazard sign, for example warning of a sharp bend in the road
● Guidance signs – assist with navigation, such as route markers and places of interest
● Temporary signs – usually yellow signs and may indicate, for example, a temporary road closure
● Road markings – these will be painted on the road in white, yellow or red

This section which usually has 30 questions, you will need to answer a total of 23 questions correctly in order to pass.

Vehicle Controls

K53 Learners LicenseYou will be tested on the correct name and function of various vehicle controls, such as the brake and clutch pedals, mirrors, gear lever and indicator stalk. This section usually has 8 questions, 6 questions need to be answered correctly in order to pass. The examiner will mark the license test paper immediately, if you pass the test a fee must be paid and your learners license will be issued on the same day.

In this article we have discussed the questions a learners license applicant will be asked in the test. We have outlined the rules of the road, various road traffic signs and motor vehicle controls.

Remember to take you booking slip and ID on the day of the test. Good Luck!

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